A Farewell To Our Wonderful Customers

The world is always changing and with it there are periods of growth and celebration. Thanks to your support as a faithful customer, JustPierogi.com has been able to provide a taste of Poland to people around the country since 2009.

There are things in the world that are outside our control. Because of that, changing times can also result in periods of challenges and disappointment. Due to the situation in Europe and the resulting shortages in the U.S., the cost of supplies has gotten to the point that it is cost prohibitive for JustPierogi.com to stay open.

Bringing the delicacies and comfort food of the Central and Eastern Europe to people in the United States has been something of great meaning to us. As Polish-Americans ourselves, we have always felt blessed to serve as ambassadors of Polish food to the U.S.

We will miss interacting with you and providing you and your loved ones with food that celebrates the culinary beauty of Poland. Thank you for our many years together. You will always remain in our hearts.

As one door closes, sometimes we are fortunate that another door opens. The Polish Cooking Show is a television program that also celebrates the beauty of Polish food.

In 2021 the pilot episode of The Polish Cooking Show premiered on Chicago’s WTTW. We are so proud to say that we had a hand in making that happen. If all proceeds as planned, people nationwide should be seeing new episodes of the program in the next year. To see the pilot and keep up to date on the future of the show visit www.ThePolishCookingShow.com.

Again, we thank you for your support and friendship over the years. You have touched our hearts. We hope we have touched yours.

~The Pierogi Wizards

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