What Are Our Specials

If you find yourself wondering what exactly goes into our specials and Holiday Boxes keep on reading.

Living in Chicagoland area for the past 25 years you just about discover all the best locations for food. Many of these are your local establishments, the hidden gems of Chicago and what makes Chicago a melting pot of flavor. Many parts of Chicago are divided into little neighborhoods, you have your Chinatown, Little Italy, Ukrainian Village, Polish Village etc. Each of these little areas are a little part of the country, a home away from home.

Whenever I meet someone new I try to ask them if they ever had authentic Polish food. Most of the time the answer is yes, I had pierogi, polish sausage and stuffed cabbage. Naturally I follow up with " From where have you had this polish food?" The answer 2/3rd's of the time points back to their local grocery store. I do not want to list any brands here, as everyone's taste buds are different and everyone is entitled to their own believes and opinion on what they like and dislike. However, my curiosity is how do you know great Polish food if you never tried anything else other than what is made available to the masses and what you would typically find in the supermarket frozen food's section.

Growing up in Poland in a small little farm town, I was raised around great home cooked Polish food. Once in the US the life is a little different, things are much more fast paced here and it seems people are always in a hurry, so less people have the time to prepare these traditional meals. This is where the idea for JustPierogi.com was conceived. Through the power of the internet I now have the ability to share with everyone true authentic Polish food.

Because I know where great Polish gems are hidden, I have created this online platform to share delicious, authentic Polish food with you. Alexandras Pierogi, the main driving force behind this website produce the most authentic pierogi. I love Alexandra's Pierogi, because their products are closest to my grandmas recipe I have found. In the past year we have decided to expand JustPierogi.com and offer other gems that pair well together with the vast offering of pierogi and other Polish dumplings.

We started with Polish sausage. True Authentic smoked polish sausage made the traditional way in natural casing. This Polish sausage is just the introduction to a magnitude of other Polish sausage flavors. The response from our customers to this Polish sausage has been great and therefore we keep making it a regular part of our specials.

Kiszka or blood sausage has the same origin as the Polish sausage. All made in the traditional Polish way in natural casing. When I was young I loved Kiszka fried up on a pan with some onions and scrambled eggs.

Red Barszcz or Red Beet soup is our new addition to the specials. It is from a local Polish hidden gem where we order enough to not overload the owners and still provide this delicious soup with our holiday boxes. I love eating Red Barszcz with Muszhrrom Uszka.

Before we send anything out to our customers we try the combination ourselves. With the Red Barszcz we actually went through a trial and error process that would allow us the best possible way to deliver this authentic beet soup without sacrificing the original quality.

To summarize it all and put it all into a perspective. We try many different polish foods from Chicagoland and hand pick only the best most authentic foods that bring back the memories of when I was a kid growing up in Poland. Whenever you place an order with JustPierogi.com, you can have the piece of mind that the products you are ordering have been hand picked, taste tested and well packaged by all of our wonderful Pierogi Wizards. I wish all of you happy eats and that the loving warmth of our delicious food brings you much comfort. That is why we strive to deliver comfort in every bite.

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