Cheese Blintzes (Nalesniki)


Cheese Blintzes are often used as a delectable dessert, but can be enjoyed as a snack any time of the day! They’re delicious on their own, or can be served with a variety of fruits and jams.

Price listed is per box, which contains about six (6) Blintzes.

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Cheese Blintzes

Cheese Blintzes, Nalesniki in Polish, are a delectable treat! Using only the freshest cheeses, our original recipes has led to these Nalesniki to become on of our most popular items. Not only great for breakfast, but also enjoy them throughout the day. Dust a little powdered sugar to the top for extra sweetness! We guarantee once you try these, you’ll be back for more in no time.

Since preparing an entire meal takes hours from start to finish, save precious time and order your meal from! We deliver your nalesniki fresh and ready to cook so that you can avoid the hassle of the going to the grocery store, standing in checkout lines and preparing your meal for hours on end. All you need to do is let your nalesniki thaw, add them to a pan and cook until golden brown.

Price listed is per box, which contains about six (6) Blintzes.

Try adding our Roasted Apple Topping to serve up an even sweeter Nalesniki dish at your next meal!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 6.75 × 1.75 in
Cooking & Storage Tips

Always thaw blintzes before frying
Be careful when microwaving since it might cause the cheese to expand and leak from the product
As a serving tip, try it with your favorite fruit yogurt


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