Mushroom Uszka


Mushroom Uszka are carefully stuffed with a generous portion of wild mushrooms mixed with traditional spices. These are truly fabulous dumplings that can be enjoyed all throughout the year!

Price listed is per box, which contains about sixty (60) Uszka.

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Mushroom Uszka

Our Mushroom Uszka are delicious mini dumplings stuffed with wild mushrooms and traditional spices. They’re a great option for a light snack and can take your favorite soup to the next level! This variety of uszka is a particularly delicious compliment to Barszcz. Another added benefit is that because of their small size, kids love them!

Mushroom Uszka are a perfect addition to your next batch of Barszcz (Red Beet Soup).

We deliver your uszka ready to cook. With this in mind, why hassle with going to the grocery store? Not to mention the wait in checkout lines. Finally, consider the hours you spend on meal preparation. Meanwhile, we have simplified the process by shipping a delicious meal right to your door with minimal prep and cook time. In fact, all you need to do is add your uszka from to a gallon of boiling water. Wait a few minutes. Then they’re ready to enjoy! It's like magic!

Price listed is per box, which contains about sixty (60) Uszka.


Our Pierogi Wizards absolutely love our animal teachers. That’s why we’ve decided to donate portion of our profits to Sacred Space Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.  We’re proud to give back to a wonderful cause.  Click here for more information


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 6.75 × 1.75 in
Storage & Cooking Tips

Since they are precooked it is okay to thaw them before cooking

Never separate Uszka by hand that are frozen and stuck together

DO NOT OVER COOK since overcooking increases the dough thickness ( look on package for exact cooking time)

Never pan-fry frozen uszka ,always thaw or boil product first

Remember dough needs moisture to get its freshness back, which is why we never use a microwave or oven

Determine if you have bought fresh or frozen product. Fresh product you can keep for three days in your refrigerator before cooking. If you don’t have plans to use it within that time, always freeze it right away

VERY IMPORTANT! Never refreeze uszka!

DO NOT put warm product into the same freezer where you keep your frozen uszka as this might cause the uszka to crack.


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