Why Buy?

Why Buy From JustPierogi.com?

Preparing an entire Polish dumpling meal takes hours of preparation and hours of cleanup. You have to make the dough and the fillings and adhere to strict preparation protocols. This is not to mention the time spent in long checkout lines at the grocery store.

Now you can enjoy authentic old-world Pierogi, Uszka, Blintzes (Nalesniki), Pyzy, Finger Dumplings (Kopytka), and Silesian Dumplings (KluskiSlaskie) with only minutes of preparation, thanks to JustPierogi.com

Simply add any of our delicious dumplings to a gallon of boiling water and they’ll be ready to enjoy in the blink of an eye. Blinztes are ready to cook also! Just thaw the nalesniki, then add to a pan and cook until golden brown.

For a true dining delight, share our authentic European dishes shipped directly to your door and ready to serve in minutes. Compliment your meal with gravy, toppings, and side order suggestions from our recipe page – ready in minutes.

Whether you want authentic polish meals once a week or twice a month, with JustPierogi.com your meals are always delicious and easy to prepare, at a price you can afford.

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JusPierogi.com is an online store and we do not offer local pickup. Our shipping and packing facility is located in Algonquin, IL and our pierogi are manufactured in Chicago.

Giving Back

JustPierogi.com donates 7% of profits to Sacred Space Animal Sanctuary And Rescue to help animals in need.